Michael Morgan Bain - Creative Producer + Content Specialist
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Creative Producer + Content Specialist

I’m Michael

Let’s get to know each other

So, What Can I Do?

Content Strategy

Great stories make great content. But without the right channels to reach an audience, even the finest of brand stories go undiscovered.


I can help.


With a background in content optimization, strategic editorial planning, social media measurement, influencer partnerships, and community growth.

Ocean Wise - Snakes Film
Broadcast & Video

10+ Years in the broadcast and video production industry.



From producer-directing to production management, my focus is always the same—tight stories and clean production lines, while having an absolute blast along the way. Content should be fun, so infuse yours with some!

Creative Copy

Audiences are always evolving, and copy has evolved with them.


Understand your audience then cut to the chase with clear language, SEO-optimized structure, and relevant keyword research.

Photography & Web

So you’ve got the killer copy, the content strategy, some nifty videos, good to go, right? Wrong! Create a suite of arresting, consistent stills for your brand with either curated image research or photography.


As a freelance photographer, I capture events, products, and portraits.

Featured Client

Ocean Wise

Role: Creative Producer, Production Manager
Work: Producing ocean conservation films, working with the director to develop a content strategy and deliver new paths to attract audiences to the brand.

Delivered with Ocean News, a new QTA social strand I created which gained 400,000 impressions in as many months.

Our department also acted as an internal agency, where we worked to fulfill content requests and deliver everything from fundraising films to photoshoots.

Here are some people i’ve been lucky to work with

Nice Things That People Say

I’ve been around the block

10+ Years Industry Experience

I’m a Scotsman with Seychellois in his blood, and after five years of working between London and Edinburgh, I decided to up and leave it all for a wee adventure.

Adventure brought me to Vancouver, and passion keeps me here. Some things I really care about: ocean conservation, architecture, travel, design, and dinosaurs.

I also really care about creating great work with friendly people, so let’s talk.

Ocean Wise

Ocean.org - Sr Creative Producer, Production Manager


IGG, Head of Video + Content


Strictly Come Dancing, Acting AP


2012 Olympic Games, Locations Producer

Really Useful Group

Jesus Christ Superstar, Shooting Archive Producer

ITV Creative

Branding Team, Creative Production

Good Omen

Product Photographer


Freelance, Creative Copywriting

Fancy a Wee Chat?

    Use this here form to get in touch, and we can have a natter about great content, fab storytelling, or even the best Ru Paul contestant. I am open to all of the above.